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In the course of time is so pertinent and crucial to educate ourselves again… the word for today is exclusively related to mintet entertainment word check to get us to know more about vocabulary, its usage and functions. No knowledge is a waste really, by learning new words every day, you literally have more than enough to deliver in your communication skills, then people begin to respect you based on your delivery, confidence at which you say it; knowing fully well you know what you are saying. Therefore within your niche as an entrepreneur, entertainer, model, pastor, politician, writer, and speaker or even as a student you seem more of an advantage than someone that cannot play with words. Without further ado, let us introduce our latest word for today.



  1. snazzy

    adjective: snazzy; comparative adjective: snazzier; superlative adjective: snazziest
    1. stylish and attractive.
      “snazzy little silk dresses”
      synonyms: stylish, smart, attractive, lovely, glamorous, gorgeous, stunning; More

      fashionable, dapper, debonair, dashing, jaunty, rakish, spruce;
      chic, modish, elegant, trim;
      informaltrendy, cool, sharp, snappy, with it, swinging, nifty, natty, groovy;
      informalkicking, kicky, tony, fly, spiffy, sassy, stylin’;
      informalon fleek;
      datedas if one had just stepped out of a bandbox, gay;
      “they look good in those snazzy little silk dresses”
      antonyms: dowdy

      Elegant; smart and fashionable; clever and desirable; nifty, ritzy: mounted on snazzy mag-type wheels/ While they may appear snazzy now, time will take its toll

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